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When was the last time you did something just FOR YOURSELF? Truly. Think about it.

Are you caught up in everyone else and everything around you?

Maybe you are convinced you aren’t photogenic. No matter what has been holding you back, believe me when i say my true passion is showing you that you don’t have to change one thing about yourself to be


Treat yourself to a luxury, confidence boosting session where i will coach you from your head to your toes. The photos are a bonus, the experience is what matters because you deserve to feel beautiful.

We believe 

  • Boudoir is for every body. Read that again.

  • You are worthy of self love

  • It is healthy to celebrate your body and sexuality.

  • Boudoir with me is much about the experience then the end result.

  • You will leave more confident than when you came in.

  • The best boudoir experience is spiritually transformative.

Boudoir: Service

What is Boudoir?

I define it as a treat for yourself.
I want my clients to see themselves as they are: fierce, sexy, and strong. All women deserve to feel empowered and beautiful. I take away the societal standards set in todays society to help you realize how GORGEOUS you really are. Boudoir sessions with me are sassy, wild, and free. We can get as sexy as you want, or keep it light and fun. This shoot is all about YOU, i will create the atmosphere you are looking for to help you feel yourself again.

Boudoir: Welcome

Boudoir Experience

Feel like a BOSS as soon as you enter your session. My boudoir sessions are a full service luxury experience. Music is a MUST and present in every session. We listen to any and all types of jams. Full hair and makeup will be provided, then access to a collection of beautiful lingerie from the client closet. After a few minutes behind the camera you will start to feel more confident and comfortable. I will be your biggest and personal hype girl!

Boudoir: About
Boudoir: Image

Confidence not Required

You don’t have to be perfect or fearless. You don’t have to be ready. 

You just need to be brave enough to show up for the opportunity to love yourself.

You might come to your session nervous but i promise

you will leave smiling and feeling confident AF!

Boudoir: Welcome

The Concerns

There are a lot of excuses not to do a boudoir session. “I want to loose weight. I am scared. I am not sexy. I’m going to look silly. I don’t know how to pose.” Toss that crap out the window. I will be there to guide you through the whole experience. Giving you the direction you need. I know how to get all the good angles. Beauty is in every women.

Boudoir: Welcome


Session fee $600

This package is a one-hour session.

  • One hour Boudoir photo shoot 

  • Professional Hair & Make Up

  • Preparation & Planning Shoot Consultation

  • Personal viewing & Ordering session

  • Coaching on posing to make you feel & look your best

  • Access to boudoir closet

  • Signature editing & retouching images 

  • Opportunity to change the way you see your self​

Digital & Print Packages start at $750

Simply hit the connect button below to get started!

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12 Facts about Boudoir 

Boudoir Photography – Frequently Asked Questions

The thought of a boudoir session can be scary, you’re baring it all literally in those cases where your nude in front of a stranger. During our phone consults we hear all types of questions and more often than not they’re all pretty much the same question.

 Do you share my images?

This is a question we hear a lot and we want you to leave your session feeling as safe as possible. We will NEVER share images without approval and a signed release form. If you sign a form at the end of your session and then change your mind that’s completely fine. 

 Do I have to wear lingerie?

You definitely don’t have to specifically wear lingerie even though we want you to totally promote your beautiful selves; we want you to bring your own personality into your photoshoot. We recommend you start with something comfortable like boy shorts and a baggy sweater or a cute bodysuit that covers more than a shear one. We have an outfit guide to help you pick and choose outfits prior your shoot and of course we are always here to offer opinions! The most important thing is you feeling amazing in whatever you wear! 

 Do you have payment plans?

YES OF COURSE! We offer a few different payment plan types. You can divide your balance into three equal payments, by-weekly payments stretched over 4-6 months, or we have something we call a “boudie bank”. This allows you to start paying once you book your session prior. This gives you the opportunity to have a nice little nest egg to spend the day of your reveal. You can pay as much or as little as possible! 

Is hair and makeup included?

Makeup & Hair is definitely included; (Unless you do a limited mini session it will not be included)

 Do you Photoshop my images?

I do edit your images for light, exposure, and color balance. However, I WILL not edit out cellulite, stretch marks, scarring or anything that defines you. Unless specifically asked.

 Where should I buy outfits?

I will have outfits provided that you can choose from the client closet. But if you would like to bring something yourself, There are a few places to buy outfits depending on your budget. Lasenza, shein, winners, forever 21 are all great options for in store buys and they all have online websites. Websites to look at are,,, and of course

 What type of print products do you have?

We offer a variety of packages that include albums, metal print wall arts, little black books, folio boxes, and wrapped canvases. 

Do you offer digitals?

All of our packages include some sort of print product and digital images, but there is also an A La Carte list that you can choose from as well! On this list we give the option to add on digital images! 

 I’m freaking out! How can I calm my nerves?

Nerves are all part of the self-love journey! There’s the old saying “If it doesn’t scare you it’s not worth doing?” I strongly believe that nerves are what give people the final push to think “Hey! I need to do this for myself!” embrace them and use this as the opportunity to really get to know yourself and embrace yourself for the bad ass you are.  

 How many outfits should I bring?

We go over this on the phone consult, but our packages include unlimited outfit changes and the option of nude photos. We also have the client closet; this is a collection of lingerie items that we supply. This includes body suits and bra and panty sets. Keep in mind we do require a nude or black thong under all our client closet items.

Should I get to my shoot early?

You can always arrive a few minutes early for your session but it’s not necessary. We start hair and makeup at 9:00 and are typically done that shortly after 11:00am.

Boudoir: About
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