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Dana Nicole Photography

Professional Photographer

For Dana Nicole Photography, taking photographs is more than a profession. It’s a true lifelong passion. I love to capture genuine moments.

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The Story of Dana Nicole Photography

Let me introduce myself; my name is Dana. I am a mother of one beautiful daughter. I am a lover of all living things, i am a very spiritual human being. I am a creative soul. I love to make people feel good about themselves.

I began photography journey as a teen, and had that passion linger into adulthood. I decided to go for it, and learn the ropes. I love to capture life & all moments. Freeze time within a second. 

I place an equal focus on the overall experience that my clients have and on creating the perfect photo.

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Photography Services

Dana Nicole Photography provides a variety of packages and services to their growing list of clients.

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Bring your family together. Document love & growth. Family pictures have the power to allow you to be taken back to that exact moment in time, They are so special & important. Stop, be present, and celebrate these relationships.


I am just here to create photography and help other women with confidence. As a women and a mom I know how hard it can be!! None of us are perfect but once you feel good about yourself, everything changes! 💋


Celebrate your beautiful pregnancy journey & mark the moments of your family growing. Your world is about to be born.

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One of the secrets of getting incredible shots is having the experience and meticulous approach as easy and stress-free as possible, especially when it comes to babies.

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Not only will you be spending your entire life looking at these photographs, you will be freezing time. Capturing the way they look at you, the way your face lights up when they say your name. The real moments from your real life fairytale.

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Capturing your personality one click at a time.

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“A day in the life”. Capture real life events, situations, & milestones. The simple beauty of genuine everyday life. These are a personal favorite.

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Girls, boys, kids, adults, friends, maternity, siblings, milestones, glitter is for everyone!

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Let me’re always the one taking the photos and are rarely ever IN them. Right mama? Let me capture the beautiful moments with your littles!

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Not only are these fun for children but they are also a cute keepsake of the most precious beings in your life.

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Capture the most precious milestones of your babies life. These are a group package. For newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 8 months, & one year.

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Build your brand by having professional photos for your business. Build your creditably, gain material for marketing your business, have more content for social media & your website.

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A dad has such a special bond with his children, and it started the very first moment he saw them. Capture beautiful moments between them.

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Pets are family too!


Share the most important news in a creative way.

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Are you looking for an experienced Photographer who can capture every moment? Dana Nicole Photography delivers quality shoots in a variety of photographic styles, and is available for regular bookings. Get in touch today to learn more.

1707 Washington street suite 3 davenport Iowa 52804

(563) 499-4478

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Before my photoshoot to say I was nervous was an understatement. Dana doesn’t just take beautiful and creative photographs but also offers an experience as well. I never thought I would or could do a photoshoot but life is about experiences and what an amazing and empowering experience it was. I cried when I saw my pictures. In the best way! I know like many other women I have struggled with feeling good about myself and comfortable in my own skin but self care and self love doesn’t just happen. It is a process and it is a way of reframing your thinking. You must practice it and no matter what anyone says it is how you feel about yourself that matters the most. So many things and people have been empowering me lately and Dana is definitely one of them. A compassionate and beautiful woman. Her work is to bring joy and make people feel special and empowered. She does that and so much more. I am so glad I went through with it and am beyond impressed. Dana enjoys making others feel good about who they are inside and out. She may not be in a comic book but her superpower is caring for others and making sure everyone can find the beauty in themselves when they cannot. Amazing work. Thank you, Dana!

Carly Counihan


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Stephanie Ballegeer


So when Dana Nicole  and I first talked about me doing a boudoir shoot I was about to get married and I wanted to do this for my soon to be husband. My first thought was "OMG are these pictures even going to turn out good with all this fluff I have going on" my 2nd thought was if he was even going to like them. I have very little self confidence from years of being with crappy men who didn't make me feel good about myself so doing something like this was way out of my comfort zone. But I knew I was in good hands with Dana because one she's just a great person and so easy to be around but 2 if you don't know this already she's my cousin so yes I may be a little biased! 😊 But to say I was shocked at the photos when I got them back is an understatement.  I   was amazed at just how beautiful  I looked. I couldn't believe  that it was actually me. When I ended up giving them to my husband he loved them as well and was surprised  that I had stepped out of my comfort zone and did something like this.  So I guess in the end my advice to you is...To do the photoshoot because in the end you will feel good about yourself and you will get photos that you can look back on and remind yourself on those not so pretty days that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!

Mirranda Sheley

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